Pescara Calcio - Brescia Calcio

1 vs 5
Stadio Adriatico

Pescara Calcio - Brescia Calcio Match Details

Pescara Calcio-Brescia Calcio Betting Tips

Pescara Calcio take one Brescia Calcio in the Serie B at the Stadio Adriatico on 2019-02-03 at 20:00. As usual, you can find all the best tips for Pescara Calcio vs Brescia Calcio at our site, but with this preview, we will try to help you choose the best bet! Sometimes it's better to try long shots but if it needed we know how to stick to short ones. Read our preview and find the value for this match. Let’s find out 1x2 odds, first. Bookmakers suggest for Pescara Calcio victory 2.46 odds, the draw is averagely at 3.19. If you think Brescia Calcio can grab 3 points from Pescara Calcio you can bet on them at 2.94 odds.

Pescara Calcio - Brescia Calcio Betting Preview

Bettors usually do not like this kind of matches as they can easily go on any side. In our opinion this is a match between two teams of approximately equal quality and only advantage for Pescara Calcio is Stadio Adriatico and their fans. Still, fans do not play, so it would not be a surprise even if Brescia Calcio take all three points back home. So, what to pick for Pescara Calcio - Brescia Calcio best betting tips? In our opinion X has huge value and we will try to explain in couple of words why. As we already said, we have two approximately equal teams. Both teams have quite good defense and do not concede much goals. Also, this is important match and probably no one will take too much risk from the very first minute. Yes, it would be good to score an early goal, but there's no reason to take huge risk from the very beginning as this could be easily punished. Also, we think that a draw would not be "the end of the world" for either of these two sides. Odds against a draw are 3.19, and we think that there is at least 40% chance for a draw. So, value is definitely with X.

Pescara Calcio - Brescia CalcioOver Under Betting

Goal line for this match is set at 2.5 goals, and basically we have 50-50 situation. Bookmakers expect that there is approximately same probability that we will see over or under. The odds are 1.91 for over 2,5 and 1.74 for 2,5 under. We can’t agree with them in this one. Sure, Pescara Calcio vs Brescia Calcio match can go into under, but here we expect attacking football from both sides. Basically, neither team will want draw and one point won’t satisfy any of them. They’ll try to go for a win since the very first minute and in such situations we can see over as good bet. Odds are surprisingly high and offer great value, so we’re taking over 2.5 goals for this match. Maybe this bet will not win, but our odds for over 2.5 goals would be much lower, so in such cases we’re always going with goals.

Match Results

1 - 0
2 - 1
3 - 0
2 - 0
0 - 1

Pescara Calcio - Brescia Calcio Betting Odds

Match Result
1 - 2.46 X - 3.19 2 - 2.94
Handicap Market
1 - 4.77 X - 4.18 2 - 1.51
Half Time Result
1 - 2.91 X - 2.01 2 - 3.34
Over / Under 1.5
Under - 3.14 Over - 1.28
Over / Under 2.5
Under - 1.74 Over - 1.91
Over / Under 3.5
Under - 1.28 Over - 3.14
0.5 Over / Under Half Time 1.5 Over / Under Half Time 2.5 Over / Under Half Time
Under - 2.60 Over - 1.40 Under - 1.37 Over - 2.72 Under - 1.08 Over - 5.88
Both Teams to Score
Yes - 1.69 No - 1.93
First Team to Score
Pescara Calcio - 1.80 Brescia Calcio - 1.97 None - 9.32

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Brescia Calcio Last 5 Match

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