Frosinone Calcio - Lazio Roma

0 vs 1
Stadio Benito Stirpe

Frosinone Calcio - Lazio Roma Match Details

Frosinone Calcio-Lazio Roma Betting Tips

Frosinone Calcio take one Lazio Roma in the Serie A at the Stadio Benito Stirpe on 2019-02-04 at 18:00. As usual, you can find all the best tips for Frosinone Calcio vs Lazio Roma at our site, but with this preview, we will try to help you choose the best bet! Sometimes it's better to try long shots but if it needed we know how to stick to short ones. Read our preview and find the value for this match. Let’s find out 1x2 odds, first. Bookmakers suggest for Frosinone Calcio victory 7.10 odds, the draw is averagely at 4.60. If you think Lazio Roma can grab 3 points from Frosinone Calcio you can bet on them at 1.42 odds.

Frosinone Calcio - Lazio Roma Betting Preview

Bookmakers think that the visitors are huge favorites today and it is understandable why. At the moment they’re doing much better, they’re better team, while Frosinone Calcio are struggling. Still, we believe we could see a surprise over here. Why? First of all there is a home pitch factor. Only because of this factor odds against Frosinone Calcio’s win should be lower. In front of their fans, the hosts will be full of motivation and we believe they can create couple of chances and maybe even score a goal or two. We don’t claim the hosts will win today, but 7.10 odds are too good not to take them. We suggest you to go here with low stakes, but there is huge value in backing Frosinone Calcio . In games like this one, it is not unusual that the favorites are struggling, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the visitors “survive” the first half. That’s why a draw at half time, (@2.35) is very good and realistic option to go with.

Frosinone Calcio - Lazio RomaOver Under Betting

Now it's the time to check over-under odds. The odds for under 2.5 goals are set set at 2.05, while for over 2.5 goals we can get 1.63. As we can conclude from odds, bookmakers expect more than few goals in this match, and I can't say they're wrong. If we take into account who will be on the pitch then it is understandable why bookmakers expect lot of goals. The favorite will not satisfy with a draw in this match. They'll try to score from the very first minute, and once they score the first goal, this match should open up. There will be more space, and more chances in front of both goals. All said, our suggestion for this match is over 2.5 goals at 1.63 odds. Odds certainly offer value, so we’re taking them with great confidence. As we already mentioned, we expect at least 3 goals in this match, but we also expect that both teams will be scoring. The odds for both teams to score is 1.84. Yes, we’re aware of the fact that the favorite can go into over 2.5 goals on their own, but we also expect the other team to score, so alternative bet would be both teams to score.

Match Results

3 - 1
2 - 1
2 - 1
2 - 3
0 - 0

Frosinone Calcio - Lazio Roma Betting Odds

Match Result
1 - 7.10 X - 4.60 2 - 1.42
Handicap Market
Half Time Result
1 - 6.11 X - 2.35 2 - 1.82
Over / Under 1.5
Under - 3.81 Over - 1.19
Over / Under 2.5
Under - 2.05 Over - 1.63
Over / Under 3.5
Under - 1.41 Over - 2.55
0.5 Over / Under Half Time 1.5 Over / Under Half Time 2.5 Over / Under Half Time
Under - 3.09 Over - 1.29 Under - 1.49 Over - 2.33 Under - 1.12 Over - 4.91
Both Teams to Score
Yes - 1.84 No - 1.77
First Team to Score
Frosinone Calcio - 2.99 Lazio Roma - 1.32 None - 13.08

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